Spring Cat Names

213 Spring Cat Names


Spring is the season for rejuvenation and fresh starts. The nature resets itself and new life is born. Spring cat names are perfect to reflect that energy.

January 24, 2022 Yusuf Can Ekinci
Savannah Cat Names

160 Savannah Cat Names For Savannah Cats


Savannah cats are very special so they deserve special names. The Savannah cat names we compiled for you are what you are looking for

January 21, 2022 Yusuf Can Ekinci
Winter Cat Names

260 Cool Winter Cat Names


If you got a cat this winter and saved it from the cruel cold out there, congratulations! Now it is time to research some winter cat names for your new friend.

January 17, 2022 Yusuf Can Ekinci
Rapper Cat Names

450+ Rapper Cat Names


There is a similarity between rappers and cats: they both do whatever they want and drop the mic. So why not choose one of the rapper cat names?

January 15, 2022 Yusuf Can Ekinci
Beatles Inspired Cat Names

200+ Beatles Inspired Cat Names


Nobody can argue that Beatles changed the history of music forever. Beatles inspired cat names are perfect because your kitty will change your life forever.

January 14, 2022 Yusuf Can Ekinci
Swiss Cat Names

90 Swiss Cat Names For Noble Cats


Switzerland might be a small country but its power and effect on the world can not be underestimated, just like cats. That’s why Swiss cat names are perfect.

January 12, 2022 Yusuf Can Ekinci
Water Themed Cat Names

200 Water Themed Cat Names


Cats are known for their dislike for water and this is true for most cats but your cat doesn’t have to like water to have one of the water themed cat names.

December 24, 2021 Yusuf Can Ekinci
Names For 3 Cats

Names For 3 Cats


A group of 3 or more cats is called clowder and now you are the potential leader of it. But finding names for 3 cats is hard! But Wise Kitten got your back.

December 17, 2021 Yusuf Can Ekinci
Odd Eyed Cat Names

150+ Odd Eyed Cat Names


When a cat has two different eye colors that is definitely something that draws attention. So why not give one of the odd eyed cat names to the kitty?

December 14, 2021 Yusuf Can Ekinci
Stupid Cat Names

104 Completely Stupid Cat Names


Stupid cat names go both ways: a) a name to give to your not so clever cat, b) the name itself is so stupid that it is the perfect funny name for the right cat.

December 12, 2021 Yusuf Can Ekinci
Herb Names For Cats

160 Tasty Spice & Herb Names For Cats


There are so many tastes of spices and herbs from sweet to bitter to sour, it is not hard to find a name that suits a cat’s character using herb names for cats.

December 11, 2021 Yusuf Can Ekinci
Hipster Cat Names

251 Unique Hipster Cat Names


Most hipsters don’t self-identify as hipsters but I wasn’t able to find a better name for a hipster cat names list. But you will find some great names here.

December 8, 2021 Yusuf Can Ekinci