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Can Cats Eat Blackberries

Can Cats Eat Blackberries?

Cat Nutrition

Blackberries are very beneficial to us, humans in many ways and they taste good but are they as good for cats? Can cats eat blackberries?

August 23, 2022 Yusuf Can Ekinci
Swedish Cat Names

220+ Great Swedish Cat Names and Their Meanings


Swedish cat names are great for strong and charismatic cats. If you are looking for a Scandinavian name for your new friend, you are at the right place.

August 22, 2022 Yusuf Can Ekinci
Can Cats Eat Zucchini

Can Cats Eat Zucchini?

Cat Nutrition

Can cats eat zucchini is a popular question because zucchini itself is a popular vegetable and always around in almost every home. And the short answer is YES!

June 30, 2022 Yusuf Can Ekinci
Cat Breeds With Pointy Ears

6 Beautiful Cat Breeds With Pointy Ears


I have always found the looks of cat breeds with pointy ears fascinating. In the end cats are not Tolkien’s elves but pointy ears make them look super cool.

June 6, 2022 Yusuf Can Ekinci
Can Cats Eat Crab

Can Cats Eat Crab? What Are The Risks?

Cat Nutrition

Cats are obligate carnivores and they need meat to survive but some meat carry some risks for cats. How about some delicious and juicy crab? Can cats eat crab?

May 28, 2022 Yusuf Can Ekinci
Lilac Burmese Cat Names

142 Lilac Burmese Cat Names That Are Just Great


Lilac Burmese cats are very special in a lot of ways and they deserve special Lilac Burmese cat names but don’t worry about it. Wise Kitten got you covered.

May 20, 2022 Yusuf Can Ekinci
Siamese Sphynx Cat

Sphynx vs. Siamese Cat? Character Comparison!


A lot of people have hard times trying to decide which breed to get. Here is a Siamese Sphynx cat comparison for two of the most popular cats in the world.

May 12, 2022 Yusuf Can Ekinci