A cat brings joy and life into a household. We can even say it turns a house to a home. Here are the 5 most playful cat breeds that will change your life.

The cat breeds we chose here may not be the most athletic cats but they definitely are the most playful ones. These 5 most playful cat breeds are solid proofs that a cat can be the center of your attention with its playfulness and high energy.

Cats are generally known with their long sleeping times but this doesn’t make them lazy at all. They can be as playful and energetic as dogs. We can not say that all of these cat breeds are hyperactive cat breeds but some of them are actually so active that you need puzzles to keep their minds occupied and toys to let them spend their extra energy for a healthy life for both of you, otherwise there will be a lot of torn furniture and sleepless nights.

Let’s see the best playful cat breeds that can make you smile while you play with them.

1 – Abyssinian

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With their tickled coats, Abyssinians may look like wild cats but actually they are very friendly cats who are so funny and playful that they are nicknamed “Aby-silly-an” or the “clowns of the cat world”. When you watch them playing or better play with them there is always a point of laughter and joy. Don’t be fooled by their playful nature though, these cats are highly intelligent with great need for things to challenge their minds.

2 – Siamese

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In the human world we are used to serious looks and acts of the members of the royal families but in the cat world things can change. The Siamese are the royalties of the cat world but they are also very playful and warm towards humans and other cats. They even thrive when there are others around.

It is a VERY vocal breed with loud and low-pitched voices hence the nick name “the meezer”. If you don’t pay the attention it seeks it will vocally get the attention, you can be sure of that. These intelligent creatures require a lot of attention and if they don’t get it you can expect it to pick fights with other animals or other aggressive behaviors.

3 – Munchkin

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Munchkins are known for their small size and short legs but don’t let this physical size fool you, they are as curios and playful as it gets. They love exploring wherever they are and play with you for a long time. These small bags of cuteness are also very warm and sociable so you can trust them be good friends with kids and other pets. They are also highly active cats who love jumping and running. They are also fast cats considering their small stature so expect a lot of action on top of your furnitures.

4 – Japanese Bobtail

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Japanese bobtails are known as the “lucky cats”. These cats are ancient with their drawings found even in the ancient imperial circle of Japan. There are many legends about Japanese Bobtails in Japan and the famous white cat figure sitting on its rear legs with a paw raised is actually the very Japanese Bobtail we are talking about. These cats are intelligent and quite but they are very playful, friendly and affectionate. Some even say they have dog-like characters because they love playing fetch but actually their characters are as cat-like as they can be, except for playin fetch.

5 – Bengal

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Bengal cats are wild looking but they are very friendly and warm. They may not be the purring and snuggling lap cat type but they sure know how to show you love. When it comes to being energetic these cats are rockets! It wouldn’t be wrong to say that they are among the most active at breeds. They have so much energy that they are almost always on the move. They are also very agile, athletic, intelligent and curious so it might be a good idea to arrange your living space accordingly.

Bengals are a mix of Asian Leopard Cats and domestic cats therefore their wild genes kick in and want them to climb, jump, play and spend their insane energy in ways their wild ancestors would do. They are also good hunters and pretty territorial so if you have a Bengal cat, make sure that you introduce it to the other cats you may have appropriately.

Do you have an energetic cat that loves playing? Please share your experience on how to deal with that energy so other cat owners might learn a trick or two from you.

Have a purrderful day!

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