Savannah cats are very special so they deserve special names. The Savannah cat names we compiled for you are what you are looking for

Savannah is a rare and special cat breed that is both wild looking due to its wild ancestry (African Serval) and very friendly and affectionate thanks to its domestic genes. Such a special cat breed of course should get one of the special Savannah cat names that is in accordance with its unique traits. Normally you don’t expect a mixed cat breed that is half-wild and half-domestic to be so friendly but Savannah is so loving that it quickly becomes friends with kids and other animals in the house if socialized early in their lives.

Savannah Cat Names Male
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I listed Savannah cat names under 3 categories for your convenience:

  • Female Savannah Cat Names
  • Male Savannah Cat Names
  • Gender-Neutral Savannah Cat Names

The chances are there will be more than one name you will like so I highly recommend that you note the names you like as you go through the list and check your notes in the end to see all the names you like in one place to pick a favorite or combine two names if you like.

Another great tip to make it easier to pick a name is, if there is more than one person involved in choosing the name, keeping your separate notes and comparing them when everybody is finished with the list to check if there is a common name in all lists. This helps choosing a name that everybody likes.

After this pro tips, let’s find your new friend a name that suits it.

Female Savannah Cat Names

Names For Savannah Cats
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Female names for Savannah cats are just what they are meant to. They reflect the African heritage of the Savannah cats as one of the African house cat breeds and they sound exotic. You can even say that these names have a certain melody to them. Don’t you think such a majestic cat breed is worthy of a majestic cat name?

  1. Zola
  2. Leal
  3. Nyota
  4. Tamala
  5. Malkia
  6. Sasa
  7. Sisi
  8. Taraji
  9. Maji
  10. Sanura
  11. Ada
  12. Alika
  13. Fayola
  14. Ruaha
  15. Wingu
  16. Samaki
  17. Mimi
  18. Kubwa
  19. Nampa
  20. Chidinma
  21. Nyika
  22. Aziza
  23. Amara
  24. Imani
  25. Mayotte
  26. Jamila
  27. Amadi
  28. Hibo
  29. Jina
  30. Nia
  1. Semira
  2. Lusaka
  3. Ama
  4. Adanna
  5. Amina
  6. Dalia
  7. Nailah
  8. Asha
  9. Sauda
  10. Uma
  11. Abeba
  12. Upendo
  13. Makena
  14. Lulu
  15. Shani
  16. Zuri
  17. Ashanti
  18. Shona
  19. Maha
  20. Yeye
  21. Kalahari
  22. Kali
  23. Sabra
  24. Hasina
  25. Siri
  26. Adana
  27. Amma
  28. Feechi
  29. Nala
  30. Zoya

Male Savannah Cat Names

Cat Names For Savannah Cats
160 Savannah Cat Names For Savannah Cats 8

Although there are some funny names here such as “Tarzan”, most male names I chose for male Savannah cats are strong names that reflect the athleticism and the strong character of the breed. Savannah may look cute and maybe weak when it is a kitten but it will grow big and strong as the time passes so in my opinion a strong name suits it perfectly.

  1. Issa
  2. Kendi
  3. Tarzan
  4. Gunab
  5. Guruhi
  6. Heviosso
  7. Zain
  8. Adae
  9. Akil
  10. Tau
  11. Amma
  12. Ekon
  13. Hakim
  14. Msia
  15. Kidogo
  16. Kellan
  17. Vino
  18. Hodari
  19. Idir
  20. Bongani
  21. Amare
  22. Shaka
  23. Omari
  24. Zaki
  25. Shango
  26. Zane
  27. Jaleel
  28. Akongo
  29. Kasim
  30. Aslan
  1. Sefu
  2. Lagba
  3. Mtoto
  4. Yared
  5. Ode
  6. Dugbo
  7. Kheri
  8. Jamal
  9. Jamba
  10. Femi
  11. Saber
  12. Asante
  13. Agassou
  14. Kokola
  15. Mosi
  16. Taji
  17. Chale
  18. Bumba
  19. Chumvi
  20. Jafar
  21. Abeeku
  22. Rudo
  23. Mufasa
  24. Naiser
  25. Palla
  26. Omumbo
  27. Bobo
  28. Simba
  29. Scar
  30. Kofi

Gender-Neutral Savannah Cat Names

Savannah Kitten Names
160 Savannah Cat Names For Savannah Cats 9

These names are generally the names of the cities or countries which naturally can not be associated with one gender. Three are also the names of rivers, deserts and other natural beauties of Africa. Africa is such a big and beautiful continent that it is sad to see people know too little about it and they think that Africa is all about deserts or a yellow landscape. If you still can not find the name you are looking for after you finish the list, why don’t you take a look at African cat names?

  1. Anansi
  2. Oncilla
  3. Hoanib
  4. Giza
  5. Angola
  6. Zambia
  7. Chad
  8. Borneo
  9. Congo
  10. Liberia
  11. Siku
  12. Baridi
  13. Namiri
  14. Karibu
  15. Kalumba
  16. Casablanca
  17. Ishasha
  18. Chaus
  19. Tripoli
  20. Zanzibar
  21. Cairo
  22. Liwonde
  23. Mali
  24. Lagos
  25. Jordan
  26. Jata
  27. Nile
  28. Amani
  29. Nairobi
  30. Kidepo
  31. Doha
  32. Kamari
  33. Kenya
  34. Malawi
  35. Uganda
  36. Oman
  37. Ntungwe
  38. Calypso
  39. Sahara
  40. Bambara
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