Scary cat breeds may scare you with their looks or with their behaviors such as the way they stare at you however they are as loving as any other cat.

We have to admit that these kitties look weird and some of them look as if they may attack you any second but they are not what they look like, at least not always. This list of scary cat breeds, bring you the most spooky cat breeds that are not even in the list of most aggressive cat breeds.

1 – Lykoi (Werewolf Cat)

Scary Cat Breeds Lykoi Cat
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The name Lykoi comes from Greek which means “wolves” and it does look like the popular image of a werewolf but it is really a loving, devoted lap cat that get along both with humans and other animals. In addition to their easy-going nature they are also very playful, too. But it is “the” scary cat among all scary cat breeds.

Lykoi is a new breed dating back to 2010 when multiple domestic cats with Lykoi gene were found in a shelter in Virgina by Patti Thomas who is the co-founder of the breed with Johnny Gobble who found a totally unrelated Lykoi in Tennessee.

Lykoi’s appearance comes from a natural gene mutation that is seen in feral cats from time to time. These kitties can vary from completely covered in hair to partially hairless. Sometimes they lose so much hair that hey are mistaken for the Sphynx but the genetic studies show that they are related at all and unlike the Sphynx, Lykoi’s hairs grow back.

2 – Ukrainian Levkoy

Scary Cat Breeds Ukrainian Levkoy
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Ukrainian Levkoy is developed in 2004 using Scottish Fold males for folded ears and Donskoy females for hairlessness. In addition to these two cats, some non-pedigreed cats were also used in the mix for their traits. Although you don’t want to suddenly see a Ukrainian Levkoy in a dark room, these kitties are very loving and affectionate.

They are also very intelligent and curious cats which can turn into mischief if they are not provided with toys or environment to satisfy their intelligence and curiosity. These playful kitties are playful and have lots of energy to spend. The good thing is they are so friendly that they get along with children and other animals so they are perfect for families.

One warning though; Ukrainian Levkoy may look scary but it is as soft as a marshmallow in a cup of hot chocolate, leaving them alone for long hours may put them under stress and cause them to get anxious so another pet or someone to accompany them is a good idea.

3 – Persian

Scary Cat Breeds Persian
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People who know Persian cats may understand why Persians are in a list of scary cat breeds. It is the way they look at you; always discontent, always judging, always disapproving and sometimes pretty aggressive… But this is just how the structure of their eyes and face is. In reality, they are very friendly and affectionate kitties that bond deeply to their humans.

These gentle and quite cats love peaceful environments so much that they don’t even climb and jump around like some athletic cats. They rather sleep or lay down on a sofa than running around raining havoc in the house. Sweet and docile Persian may be very tolerant of children as long as they are gentle and respectful towards it.

4 – Maine Coon

Scary Cat Breeds Maine Coon
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Maine Coon is the official state cat of the State of Maine where it originated in. As one of the most popular domestic cat breeds in the U.S.A. Maine Coon is as docile as a cat gets but they are also very large hence the nickname “the gentle giant”. What puts Maine Coon in our list of scary cat breeds is its enormous body and cautious approach to strangers.

Think of a giant cat that has the face of a Disney lion staring at you from a distance and you have no idea about how sweet, loving and devoted it is; your subconsciousness commands you to fear it. But once it decides that you are trustworthy, you see how playful a Maine Coon can get.

5 – Sphynx

Scary Cat Breeds Sphynx
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There is something sinister about the Sphynx… They are actually from Canada (and one of the most popular cat breeds in Canada) but disguised as an Egyptian cat, their eyes tell you to stay away but they love to stay as close to you as possible wanting to spend most of their times snuggling, they look and feel ancient but the history of the breed goes back only to 1960s, they look man-made but they are actually the result of a natural genetic mutation….

However, as one of the most affectionate and extroverts cats ever, the Sphynx always wants to be the center of attention but this doesn’t save it from making it to our list of scary cat breeds. Highly intelligent, curious and energetic, the Sphynx cat deserves all the popularity around it.

One other contrasting thing about the breed is that although it looks low maintenance, it needs to be bathed regularly in order to prevent excessive oil build-up in its skin.

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