There are many silver tabby cat breeds all around the world so instead of listing all of them, let’s take a look at the silver tabby breeds originating in U.S.

Silver tabby is not a cat breed but a color pattern but not all cats have this color pattern so when we say silver tabby cat breeds what we actually mean is cat breeds with silver tabby color pattern.

Silver tabby cat breeds are believed to be mellower and gentler than most cats with other color patterns. Scientifically I was unable to find any evidence supporting this argument but my experience with silver tabby cats show me that there is a nugget of truth to it.

Silver Tabby Cats
5 Silver Tabby Cat Breeds of America 8

You may find silver tabby cats almost everywhere in the world and there are more than 35 silver tabby cat breeds. Since there are so many cat breed with this color pattern, a categorization is needed in this area so I started to categorize them according to their homelands, the first one being the silver tabby cat breeds of America.

Let’s check these amazing and ever popular breeds that are born in U.S.

1 – American Wirehair

Silver Tabby Cat Breeds American Wirehair
5 Silver Tabby Cat Breeds of America 9

American Wirehair is from upstate New York. Although they are similar to American Shorthairs they have wiry/springy hairs including their whiskers and ear tufts. American Wirehair is a result of a natural genetic mutation which drew the attention of a Rex cat breeder who purchased the kitten for $50 and bred it.

These kitties have balanced temperaments and don’t require much from their humans but they are not aloof cats. They love to have a good nap on their humans’ laps but they are also playful. It is generally considered a gentle and quite breed.

2 – American Bobtail

Silver Tabby Cat Breeds American Bobtail
5 Silver Tabby Cat Breeds of America 10

American Bobtail is a dog-like cat breed that is very friendly, loving and intelligent. It even greets guests at the door just like you would expect from a dog. It also gets along well with anybody from small kids to other pets in the house. They can be very good travel companions if trained early in their lives.

American Bobtails sometimes are mistaken with Japanese Bobtails however genetic researches has shown that they are not genetically related. Although it is very famous due to its stubby “bobbed” tail, it is a rare breed.

3 – American Curl

Silver Tabby Cat Breeds American Curl
5 Silver Tabby Cat Breeds of America 11

American Curl is a Californian that is distinguished by its unusual ears that curl backwards. Although such unusual ears may make you want to touch them, their ears should be handled with care as rough handling may damage the cartilage in the ear.

These kitties are playful and intelligent so they can learn to play fetch but they can also learn to open doorknobs so be careful what you put into your cabinets because they are curious cats. American Curls love humans whether they are children or strangers. These quite cats are perfect for any home or family.

4 – American Shorthair

Silver Tabby Cat Breeds American Shorthair
5 Silver Tabby Cat Breeds of America 12

This all-American can be the definition of a balanced cat. It is medium in size, not aloof but also not over-cuddly, not hyperactive but also not lazy. They adapt well to almost any kind of environments whether it be a family with small children or a household with multiple pets. It can even be said that it is one of the best cat breeds for kids.

American Shorthair has always been a working cat, controlling pest population in barns so they still have that amazing hunting instincts. Don’t be surprised if your cat brings you its “trophies” to receive a well-deserved petting.

5 – Maine Coon

Silver Tabby Cat Breeds Maine Coon
5 Silver Tabby Cat Breeds of America 13

Maine Coon is the official state cat of the state of Maine which is where it originated in. It is also described as “the native American long-haired cat” by CFA. It is a very large cat breed but don’t let this scare you because Maine Coon is as gentle as a cat can get hence the nickname “the gentle giant”.

Although it is a very loving, sweet and devoted kitty, Maine Coon is cautious towards strangers but not aggressive. IT just prefers to watch the guest for some time to decide if the person in question is trustworthy but when it decides that the stranger is not a threat, it may even include the guest in its playtime.

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