Stupid cat names go both ways: a) a name to give to your not so clever cat, b) the name itself is so stupid that it is the perfect funny name for the right cat.

I am aware that there is a difference between stupid cat names and dumb cat names but combining these two under one topic seemed like a good idea. In the end they can both serve the same purpose: be the perfect name for your new friend.

Most people consider their feline friend’s character or physical traits when choosing a name which is the right approach in my opinion. Although some of these traits change when a kitten grows into adulthood, some others stay the same such as being a little silly or dumb.

Stupid Kitten Names
104 Completely Stupid Cat Names 4

In the end, sometimes almost everything can change but the name sticks once the kitty establishes the relationship between the word(s) and itself. I have seen cats that were lost and found years after they were lost and they still responded to their names although they probably never heard the exact words for many years. So pick carefully because you have 104 names to choose from, with combinations even more!

If you are looking for a name that creates a contrast to your not so clever cat for some extra laughter, you may want to check our list of physics cat names 😸

Stupid Cat Names

Before you start reading the list of stupid cat names, I strongly recommend that you note the names you like as you go in order to be able to compare all the names you like in the end to pick your favorite. If more than one person will have a say in choosing the name, create your own separate lists and compare the lists in the end to see if there is any name that shows up in all lists to reach a consensus.

  1. Zed
  2. Hello
  3. Bacon
  4. Kitty Perry
  5. Yoda
  6. Dillon
  7. Sugar Pie
  8. Homer
  9. Chairman Miaow
  10. Noodles
  11. Blondie
  12. Squatsie
  13. Hammerhead
  14. Mister
  15. Buckwheat
  16. Chuck Snorris
  17. BamBam
  18. Babushka
  19. Fuzzy Doorstop
  20. Barney
Dumb Cat Names
104 Completely Stupid Cat Names 5
  1. Dewey
  2. Baloo
  3. Yeti
  4. Bubba
  5. Moxie
  6. Taco
  7. Goofus
  8. Smudge
  9. Murray
  10. Dude
  11. Frodo
  12. Howie
  13. Muttley Crue
  14. Turnip
  15. Buffy
  16. Loopy Lu
  17. Dipstick
  18. Dalton
  19. Bimbette
  20. Kittler
  1. Dizzy
  2. Nugget
  3. Hairy Pawter
  4. Big Guy
  5. Pancake
  6. Ricky Bobby
  7. Forrest or Gump
  8. Pooh
  9. Jimothy
  10. Bumper
  11. Turtle
  12. Bubbette
  13. Miss
  14. Suki
  15. Patrick
  16. Zoomi
  17. Duke
  18. Elvis
  19. Mr. Bean
  20. Trout
  1. Toast
  2. Roo
  3. Dogfood
  4. Marbles
  5. Ding Bat
  6. Hobbit
  7. Sluggish
  8. Pumpkin
  9. Munchkin
  10. Kazooie
  11. Sprite
  12. Chewbacca
  13. Biff
  14. Whoopi
  15. Herman
  16. Token
  17. Chucky
  18. Catzilla
  19. Waffles
  20. Gunther
  1. Flakey
  2. Milkshake
  3. Hashtag
  4. Matter-Eater Cat
  5. Kramer
  6. Barbie
  7. Bo-Bo
  8. Pokémon
  9. Doris
  10. Bimbo
  11. Bird
  12. Cosmo
  13. Peteburger
  14. Sonic Boom
  15. George
  16. Gideon
  17. Power Paws
  18. Toto
  19. Huckleberry
  20. Fancy Feet
  21. Ozzy
  22. Otis
  23. Chewy
  24. Dogwelder

Whatever name you choose for your cat, the kitty is family now! So be responsible and take it to a vet regularly to take precautions for any preventable diseases with the help of early diagnosis. As the Wise Kitten, we wish you a long, healthy and happy life with your new feline friend.

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