Swedish cat names are great for strong and charismatic cats. If you are looking for a Scandinavian name for your new friend, you are at the right place.

When we talk about Sweden, most people think about vast forests, great lakes, amazing natural beauties, lots of snow, great rock bands (which is another inspiration for some rocker cat names) and of course IKEA with its delicious meatballs! However, there is more to Sweden! With its rich history, mythology and culture, it is also a great source for Swedish cat names.

Swedish Names For Male Cats
220+ Great Swedish Cat Names and Their Meanings 8

Did you know European Shorthair cat breed actually originates from Sweden? FIFE even registers this Scandinavian version of European Shorthair as a separate breed with its own standards. Such an amazing country with such an amazing breed naturally has some amazing cat names.

Our list of Swedish cat names include the meanings of the names and is classified into two categories to make it easier for you to choose the right name for your kitty:

  • Male Swedish Cat Names
  • Female Swedish Cat Names

Before you start reading the list of Swedish cat names, I have a few suggestions for you which are important in naming your little friend.

Have a pen and paper or your phone ready so that you can note the names you like as you go. This way, when you finish reading, you will have your own list of names that consist of only the names you like which makes it easier to pick your favorite.

Female Swedish Cat Names
220+ Great Swedish Cat Names and Their Meanings 9

If there is more than one person involved in choosing the name, have your separate lists and compare your lists at the end to see if there is any common name everybody likes. This is a great way to avoid conflicts 🙂

Keep your cat’s character or physical traits in mind while choosing the name. It makes a lot more sense in the long run if the name matches your cat’s physical traits or its character.

Now, without further ado, let’s check our list of Swedish cat names.

Male Swedish Cat Names

Male Swedish cat names are generally strong and badass names such as warrior or king names however there are some nice and delicate names for kind souls, too.

  1. Rikard: King, ruler
  2. Emil: Lively and eager.
  3. Ongentheow: Name of a mighty and powerful Swedish King
  4. Hein: Home leader
  5. Ame: Eagle
  6. Nalle: Champion, very kind
  7. Sven: A squire
  8. Bore: North wind
  9. Hariulf: Old Swedish variation of Heriwolf
  10. Povel: A small and humble individual
  11. Lorens: A man from Laurentum
  12. Rurik: A notable, legendary ruler
  13. Elfred: Popular
  14. Sigfrid: Peace of victory
  15. Magne: Fierce warrior, son of Thor
  16. Rune: Secret
  17. Elimar: Noble; famous
  18. Benkt: Blessed
  19. Sellen: One who lives by the stretch of smooth water
  20. Heorrenda: An army shield
  21. Hannus: God is generous
  22. Claes: Derived from the name Nicholas
  23. Aron: Lofty or inspired
  24. Bosse: To live
  25. Helmar: Fighting fury
  26. Gerhard: Spear, brave, hardy
  27. Boje: A man who comes from the castle
  28. Eilhard: Egde of sword, hardy and loves fellow men
  29. Brictwen: Friend or companion
  30. Olle: Kinship
Swedish Kitten Names
220+ Great Swedish Cat Names and Their Meanings 10
  1. Magnar: Strength
  2. Guppa: Clever, expressive
  3. Stian: Wanderer
  4. Sten: Stone
  5. Balder: A bold and courageous army
  6. Hilmar: Notorious noble
  7. Lindbergh: Mountain where the lime trees grow
  8. Lau: From the city of Laurentum
  9. Goran: Farmer
  10. Sigstein: A stone victory, a victory written in the stone
  11. Engelard: Brave and illuminating like light
  12. Ludde: Fluffy, wooly
  13. Stellan: Peaceful or calm one
  14. Gjord: Peace of God
  15. Acke: My father is for peace
  16. Gustaf: Staff of the gods
  17. Melker: King of light
  18. Dag: Daylight
  19. Randulf: Nordic name meaning edge of the wolf’s shield
  20. Narve: Helmet, kettle
  21. Jarl: Noble
  22. Agaton: Pure
  23. Siger: A great victory of an army
  24. Ehrenfried: Peace and harmony loving being
  25. Mats: A gift from God
  26. Klas: Victory of people
  27. Regitze: From Regina
  28. Mikkel: Enormous
  29. Eyvind: Lucky warrior
  30. Einar: Bold warrior
  1. Roffe: Legendary wolf
  2. Elias: One who believes Yahweh is the Lord
  3. Jesper: Treasurer
  4. Cenn: Strong and stable character
  5. Dolph: Noble wolf
  6. Eugen: Well born or noble
  7. Elling: Son of nobleman
  8. Simme: Listening
  9. Didrik: Ruler of the people
  10. Runar: A magic, secret man
  11. Olaus: Ancestor
  12. Lars: Crowned with laurel
  13. Marric: The star of the sea
  14. Peik: A troll boy, stone or rock
  15. Caspian: One from the Caspian Sea
  16. Onlaf: A relic or a historical heritage
  17. Caj: To rejoice, sea
  18. Henke: Ruler of the house
  19. Torgny: The noise of the Thunder God
  20. Sigge: Victory
  21. Greger: Watchful
  22. Nichlas: The person who always holds the winning title
  23. Gunnar: Warrior, fighter
  24. Sigvard: A protector who is victorious
  25. Stieg: Wanderer
  26. Lias: God’s promise
  27. Jager: To chase or to hunt.
  28. Lennart: Strong like the lion
  29. Ragnar: Warrior or judgment
  30. Jurdik: Law
Male Swedish Cat Names
220+ Great Swedish Cat Names and Their Meanings 11
  1. Egonia: Edge of a sword
  2. Hendrik: Rules the home
  3. Björn: Bear
  4. Olin: To inherit
  5. Harald: War chief
  6. Olander: Islander
  7. Eidef: A wealthy gift from the God
  8. Germund: Protector of mankind, shelter of human beings
  9. Bota: A remedy or compensation
  10. Alcazar: Castle
  11. Thor: Powerful God of Thunder
  12. Ivar: Warrior
  13. Mikael: God like
  14. Ohthere: A true champion
  15. Jannik: God is merciful
  16. Hugo: Mind
  17. Garth: Garden
  18. Bamse: Bear, teddy bear
  19. Elof: Sole heir
  20. Linnel: A twin flower
  21. Folke: Chief
  22. Haldo: Highest in race, exalted son
  23. Sivert: A peacuful victory
  24. Nils: Victory of the people
  25. Calle: A man who is free
  26. Nels: Chief
  27. Gottfrid: God’s Peace
  28. Espen: God bear
  29. Gusten: Great, venerable
  30. Pelle: A variation of Peter

Female Swedish Cat Names

Swedish Names for Cats
220+ Great Swedish Cat Names and Their Meanings 12

Just like Swedish male cat names, Swedish female cat names also include some very strong names such as the names of famous legendary female warriors but delicate names such as flower names are also in this list. So, I am confident that you will find a name that suits your kitty perfectly.

  1. Quenby: Womanly
  2. Bele: One who roars
  3. Hilde: Fight
  4. Blida: Friendliness, gentleness
  5. Agda: Kind hearted
  6. Sigrid: Victory, wisdom
  7. Engla: Feminine form of the word angel
  8. Tordis: Thunder Goddess
  9. Mia: Mine
  10. Axelina: Defender of men
  11. Sissela: To be without a sight, to be blind
  12. Rikke: Short form of Frederikke
  13. Karina: Dear little one
  14. Alvinia: Noble and wise friend
  15. Dagny: New day
  16. Sassa: Divine beauty
  17. Anja: Grace
  18. Anneli: Grace. A variant of Annali
  19. Brita: Strength, power
  20. Ebba: Strong
  21. Aurela: Golden dawn
  22. Flor: Literally means a flower
  23. Carin: Pure
  24. Stövlar: Boots
  25. Eina: A guardian of properity, beautiful eyes
  26. Malena: Woman from Magdala
  27. Gunilla: Battle maiden
  28. Embla: According to Norse mythology Embla was the first woman on earth
  29. Ronya: Daughter of a robber
  30. Astrid: Divinely beautiful
  1. Olof: Heir of the ancestors.
  2. Sidsel: Blind, dim-sighted
  3. Helvi: Flake
  4. Elvinia: Elfin
  5. Linnaeus: A blue flower, a twinflower
  6. Kajsa: Pure
  7. Maja: Splendid
  8. Solvig: Daughter of the Sun
  9. Elin: A variation of Helen
  10. Magna: Great, large, strength
  11. Dagmar: Joyous day, bright
  12. Freya: Goddess of love, sex, fertility, birth, gold, war
  13. Ingrid: Beautiful, beloved
  14. Sunni: The gift of the Sun
  15. Henrika: Ruler of home
  16. Egefride: A peace loving individual who is blessed
  17. Nanna: Graceful
  18. Tuva: Beautiful
  19. Haifa: Well-shaped, slim, delicate
  20. Nalle: A teddy bear
  21. Rosel: A woman of roses
  22. Valkyrie: A mythological female warrior
  23. Annali: Grace
  24. Tindra: To twinkle or sparkle
  25. Elvan: Colorful person
  26. Stina: Christian
  27. Ella: Fairy maiden
  28. Pernilla: Rock
  29. Linn: A cascade, pretty, weak, soft
  30. Bothild: One who finds remedy in a battle
Swedish Names For Female Cats
220+ Great Swedish Cat Names and Their Meanings 13
  1. Eija: Happy and bright person
  2. Kiruna: City of Northern Lights
  3. Klara: Bright, clear
  4. Brite: From Britain
  5. Elsa: Pledged to God
  6. Edeltrud: Very strong
  7. Bim: A mighty woman of the ocean,sea
  8. Blida: A very gentle woman
  9. Duve: The one with a thrilling personality
  10. Gerd: Strength, spear
  11. Brigetta: Strong female
  12. Bobba: Light
  13. Asta: Star like
  14. Inga: Lives near a meadow
  15. Marikka: Sea of bitterness
  16. Affton: Afternoon or evening, from the river Afton
  17. Atalie: Pure
  18. Medeleine: A woman from Magdala
  19. Hedda: War, battle
  20. Linnea: A small bluish flower known as twinflower
  21. Haidi: A stranger or flight
  22. Annaliese: Grace. A variant of Annali
  23. Hilma: Notorious noble
  24. Tekla: Glory of God, famous
  25. Sötnos: Sweetheart
  26. Erny: Serious and determined
  27. Annika: Grace. Variation of Anna
  28. Ros: Rose
  29. Sigrunn: Name of a Valkyrie
  30. Strumpor: Stockings, socks
  1. Effe: Well spoken, one who tells the truth
  2. Hjördis: Sword Goddess
  3. Meja: Strong
  4. Agata: Good-hearted
  5. Adahlia: A noble person or a flower
  6. Jannicke: Gracious God
  7. Ronja: Daughter of a robber
  8. Eldis: From the old house
  9. Aninna: Answer My Prayer
  10. Leva: Swedish name meaning to live
  11. Helga: Blessed, holy
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