Switzerland might be a small country but its power and effect on the world can not be underestimated, just like cats. That’s why Swiss cat names are perfect.

Switzerland is an amazing country that is famous with the unique natural beauty of the Alps and as one of the most civilized countries in the world. Most people know Switzerland because of its world famous banking system or as a holiday destination for the rich and powerful but it is also a very small and cute country with some amazing cat names. So how about some great Swiss cat names?

Swiss Kitten Names
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Before we begin our list of Swiss cat names, I have a few suggestions for you to pick the perfect name for your new feline friend. Please note the names you like as you go because there are 45 names in each category and it is possible that you will like more than one name. After you are finished with the list you can check your list and pick your favorite among the names you like.

If more than one person will decide what the name will be, keep your separate lists and compare your lists in the end to see if there is any common name that exists on all lists so you can reach a consensus easily.

Try reading out the names. I know it sounds funny but there is a difference between just reading a word and saying/hearing it. If you read it out, you will also know how it sounds and it is a very effective method when you are choosing name.

The list is separated as male and female Swiss cat names and their meanings are given after each name. So now, let’s pick one of the great Swiss cat names for your little friend.

Male Swiss Cat Names

Swiss Names For Cats
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Although Switzerland is one of the most civilized countries in the world, there are a lot of animal-rights groups fighting against it because it is one of the countries where eating and selling cat meat is legal and every year hundreds of thousands of people consume cat meat in Switzerland. According to famous U.K. newspaper Mirror, the number is about 3% of the Swiss population and it is an old tradition there. I am sorry but I had to mention this because honestly this hurts!

  1. Schatzi: Dear and treasure
  2. Mayer: Steward
  3. Didier: For the funny but clumsy kitties
  4. Gerard: Strong
  5. Nils: Victory of the people
  6. Gilbert: Bright pledge
  7. Gerald: Spear
  8. Olov: Forefather’s heir
  9. Dieter: The people’s army
  10. Alix: Of a noble kind
  11. Adolphus: Noble wolf
  12. Tobler: Someone who lives near a ravine or gorge
  13. Lars: From the city of Laurentum
  14. Dietrich: Rich
  15. Lucas: Bringer of light
  1. Guido: God is gracious
  2. Weber: Weaver
  3. Bärli: Giant bear
  4. Dino: Little sword
  5. Kohler: Charcoal burner
  6. Claus: People of victory
  7. Hubert: A combination of German words for mind and bright
  8. Pelle: Rock or stone
  9. Fischer: Fisherman
  10. Sutter: Shoemaker or cobbler
  11. Brenner: Distiller of spirits
  12. Albin: White, bright
  13. Adrian: Dark
  14. Berger: Someone who lives in the mountains or hills
  15. Alp: For Alps mountain range in Switzerland
Switzerland Cat Names
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  1. Bernard: Brave, hardy
  2. Gohl: Bald or naked
  3. Heinrich: Henry
  4. Fabiola: Bean grower
  5. Peter: Heidi’s best friend
  6. Maurice: One from Mauritania
  7. Sven: Boy
  8. Hingis: Loyal & Alert
  9. Ambra: Amber colored
  10. Gerber: Leather preparer
  11. Keller: Cellar master
  12. Blaise: Lisp, stutter
  13. Roland: From the famous land
  14. Otto: Prosperity
  15. Andress: Manly

Female Swiss Cat Names

Can you really believe they traditionally eat cat meat especially around Christmas? And it is not just cat meat, they consume dog meat, too. Although it is a very small minority of the population which is about 3%, in 1993 the Swiss parliament refused to change the law allowing people to eat cats and dogs. I am sorry to bring this up a second time on the same post but these are such small animals with little to no meat at all so what is the point, seriously?

Swiss Cat Names Male
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  1. Aslaug: Betrothed woman
  2. Nea: Flower and also twin
  3. Blanda: Dazzling
  4. Clara: Clear, bright, famous
  5. Katja: Originating from Russia but a popular German and Swiss name
  6. Eva: Life
  7. Elvin: Elf
  8. Elena: Light
  9. Bleume: Flower
  10. Müsli: A breakfast cereal of Swiss origin
  11. Cajsa: Pure
  12. Solvig: Strong house
  13. Häsli: Term of endearment
  14. Kafi: Coffee
  15. Geneva: The financial center, and a worldwide center for diplomacy in Switzerland
  1. Florina: Blossoming, flourishing
  2. Schwarz: Black
  3. Dania: God is my judge
  4. Edith: Rich gift
  5. Verena: Defender
  6. Ladina: Woman from Latium
  7. Schatzi: Little treasure
  8. Berit: Exalted one
  9. Basel: A city in Switzerland
  10. Giada: Precious green stone
  11. Marit: Pearl
  12. Paprika: Paprika spice
  13. Ragusa: A popular Swiss chocolate
  14. Znüni: Mid-morning snack
  15. Floke: Guardian of the people
  1. Gisele: Pledge
  2. Emmental: Rich and buttery Swiss cheese
  3. Monte Rosa: The highest mountain in Switzerland
  4. Erika: All-powerful woman
  5. Tova: Peace of Thor
  6. Valai: Land of mystery
  7. Zurich: The largest city in Switzerland
  8. Janine: God is gracious
  9. Rolex: Popular Swiss watch
  10. Heidi: Does it need an explanation? 😹
  11. Ingrid: Beautiful
  12. Anna: Grace
  13. Yves: Archer
  14. Irene: Peace
  15. Minka: Strong and resolute
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