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Toybob: One Of The World’s Smallest Cat Breeds

Are you one of those who doesn’t want their cats to grow up? Toybob might be the breed you are looking for because an adult toybob is between 3 and 5 pounds.

Activity Level75
Affection Towards Owners90
Need for Attention80
Need for Grooming55
Health and Hardiness95
Friendship with Other Animals95
Friendship with Children95
Social Needs80

Kittens are always cute. If someone tells you that they don’t like kittens, slowly walk away from that person because there is definitely something wrong with that person. Toybob is one of the smallest cat breeds in the world and for those who want their little friends to always stay little, it is the ultimate cat.

Toybob is not a miniaturized version of any cat breed. It is a naturally small kinked bobed-tailed cat that originated in Russia more than 3 decades ago. This little feline breed is recognized by CFA, TICA, WCF and CFF and gaining more and more popularity with each passing year.


Toybob Cat
Toybob: One Of The World's Smallest Cat Breeds 4

Toybob cat was first documented in 1983 in Russia when Ms. Elena Krasnichenko adopted a stray cat that looked like Siamese cat except for its kinked shortened tail. Later, this rescue cat bred to bobtailed seal-point Domestic Shorthair female. In 1988 these two cats bred a small bobbed tail kitten, named “Kutciy”. Kutciy was one of the foundation cats for Toybob breed.

After a decade toybob became scarce, Alexis Abramchuk of Si-Savat cattery added domestic cats to the gene pool of toybobs. After Si-Savat ended their breeding program for Toybobs,  Natalya Fedyaeva of Little Angel cattery acquired one of the Toybobs from Abramchuk and two female Toybobs from elsewhere and began to restore the breed. Fedyaeva and some other local breeders continued their efforts by expanding the gene pool with some other domestic cats.

In the past 3 decades Toybob breed had many different names such as “Skif-Thai-Don”, “Scyth-Toy-Bob”, “Skif-Thai-Toy-Don” but the most common name Toybob was given in 1994 by WCF judge Dr. Olga Mironova.

Toybob Physical Traits

Physically a full-grown adult Toybob is about the size of a 4 or 5 months old kitten and weight 3 to 5 pounds. It has a muscular, compact body with a bobbed-tail.

Although they can be either short or semi-long hair, only short-haired ones are recognized by cat associations. The short haired ones are soft ad a little plush while the long hair varieties are softer. They can come in all colors and patterns.

Smallest Cat
Toybob: One Of The World's Smallest Cat Breeds 5

The most distinctive trait of Toybobs other than its unusual small size is their tails. The kinked and bobbed tail is 1 to 3 inches long and it does not affect the cat’s agility or health. The genetic researches have shown that Toybob’s genetic tail mutation is not related to any other bobtail breed and it is a unique mutation.


These little felines are extremely playful and can surprise you with their ability to climb. They are also very friendly both towards humans and other pets. They are gentle and quite in nature but can be shy towards strangers at first.

Their curiosity combined with their surprising climbing ability leads them to watch what everyone is doing from high places such as the top of a bookshelf.

They have a big hearth that is full of love and they are very protective of those they love including both humans and other animals in the house. You may even see them rushing into fights to split them up or try to help people in need.

They like the company of others so it is a good move to have some other pet or another toybob. It is not recommended to leave toybobs alone for long periods of time.

Although they love playing, these charming cats do not play for long and when they are tired they look for a nice and cozy lap to rest and sleep for a while.

Health & Care

Toybob Kitten
Toybob: One Of The World's Smallest Cat Breeds 6

The breed has no known genetic or health issues and can live even more than 15 years. It is a very sturdy cat with an amazingly diverse genetic pool.

The grooming of Toybob is easy and for shorthair brushing once or twice a week is enough while longhair variety requires brushing only once a week. On top this easy grooming, their shedding is only seasonal and minimal.

Their nutritional needs are just like other cats and don’t require any special nutrition. Just make sure to arrange the amount of food in proportion to their size.

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