Turkey is known for some really amazin cat breeds such as Angora Cat and Van Cat. But Turkish cat names are as amazing as the cats themselves.

Turkey is an exceptional country for their love of cats. There is even a statue in memory of a famous stray cat in Istanbul. You can see stray cats fed by the residents of neighborhoods anywhere you go. Turkish cat names are a result of such a love for cats.

Cat Names in Turkish
200+ Magnificent Turkish Cat Names And Their Meanings 9

You will notice that a lot of Turkish cat names are gender neutral because popular cat names in Turkey are generally gender neutral. This is also about the structure of the Turkish language but this is another topic about linguistics of the language.

Before you begin the names, I would like to make a few suggestions which may make it easier for you to choose a name.

Have a pen and paper of your phone ready to note the names you like while you are reading the list. Otherwise, you will have difficulty remembering all the names you like. This way, when you finish reading the names, you will have a list of names that consists only the names you like so you can pick a favorite.

If more than one person will decide the name, have your separate lists and compare them when you all finish reading the list. This is to prevent any conflicts about what the name will be because there is a chance that a common name appears on all lists. So, you name your little friend with a name that everybody likes.

Popular Cat Names in Turkey
200+ Magnificent Turkish Cat Names And Their Meanings 10

Consider your kitty’s character or physical traits before deciding the name. If the name you pick matches these traits, you can embrace its name better.Alternatively, you can pick a name that completely contradicts the cat’s character or physical traits. In my opinion, it gets funnier that way.

I categorized Turkish cat names into 3 categories for you:

  • Male Turkish Cat Names,
  • Female Turkish Cat Names,
  • Gender-Neutral Turkish Cat Names.

Now let’s see if we can find the perfect name for your kitty.

Male Turkish Cat Names

I picked some of the most popular cat names in Turkey for your boy. If you can not find a good name in this list, do not forget to check gender-neutral names because there are a lot of good names there, too.

Turkish Female Cat Names
200+ Magnificent Turkish Cat Names And Their Meanings 11
  1. Aga: Land Baron
  2. Kont: Count
  3. Mudur: Manager
  4. Reis: Chief
  5. Yakisikli: Handsome
  6. Behlul: A character from a famous Turkish TV series called Ask-i Memnu
  7. Yaman: Formidable
  1. Yamyam: Cannibal
  2. Cirak: Apprentice
  3. Sef: Chief
  4. Duk: Duke
  5. Mecnun: Love-crazed from famous love story of Layla and Majnun
  6. Efe: Bandit
  7. Haydar: Club in slang
Turkish Male Cat Names
200+ Magnificent Turkish Cat Names And Their Meanings 12
  1. Kaptan: Captain
  2. Karaoglan: Blackboy
  3. Korsan: Pirate
  4. Pasa: Pasha
  5. Prens: Prince
  6. Umut: Hope
  7. Zibidi: Punk
  8. Serafettin: Main character of Serafettin the Bad Cat comics
  9. Sero: Short for Serafettin

Female Turkish Cat Names

Turkish Names For Cats
200+ Magnificent Turkish Cat Names And Their Meanings 13

There are some pretty amazing cat names for your little friend in this list. Even the ones with a bad meaning are expressions of love, you can be sure of that. If you can’t find the perfect name here, in this section, make sure to have a look at the gender-neutral names, below

  1. Nazli: Coy
  2. Melek: Angel
  3. Bihter: Female main character from a Turkish TV series called Ask-i Memnu
  4. Kelebek: Butterfly
  5. Ruya: Dream
  6. Kokos: Fashionista
  7. Sultan: Sultan
  1. Diva: Diva
  2. Karakiz: Black girl
  3. Cadi: Witch
  4. Melodi: Melody
  5. Hurrem: The wife of Suleiman the Magnificent
  6. Peri: Fairy
  7. Ponpon: Pompom
Turkish Names For Female Cats
200+ Magnificent Turkish Cat Names And Their Meanings 14
  1. Yildiz: Star
  2. Ece: Queen
  3. Pismaniye: Turkish style fairy floss
  4. Kismet: Kismet
  5. Zilli: Shrewish
  6. Sarikiz: Yellow girl
  7. Ipek: Silk
  8. Sirin: Pretty
  9. Prenses: Princess
  10. Leyla: Layla from the famous love story of Layla and Majnun
  11. Hanim: Lady
  12. Duses: Duchess
  13. Kontes: Countess

Gender-Neutral Turkish Cat Names

Turkish Names For Male Cats
200+ Magnificent Turkish Cat Names And Their Meanings 15

Gender-neutral namesa are just meaningful and they include a lot of different styles of names so I am confident that there is a name for every cat in here. But if you have an odd-eyed Turkish Van cat, you may want to check our list of odd-eyed cat names.

  1. Incik: Shinbone
  2. Bulut: Cloud
  3. Nane: Mint
  4. Kasmir: Cashmere
  5. Afacan: Rascal
  6. Zeytin: Olive
  7. Puskul: Tassel
  8. Dolma: Stuffed vegetable (A dish), tubby
  9. Mimik: Gesture
  10. Kara: Black
  11. Kuyruk: Tail
  12. Panter: Panther
  13. Komur: Charcoal
  14. Simarik: Spoiled
  15. Samur: Sable
  16. Pisiko: A combination of words “pussy” and “psycho”
  17. Vanilya: Vanilla
  18. Kimyon: Cumin
  19. Sutlac: Rice pudding
  20. Tekgoz: One-eyed
  21. Tombik: Chubby
  22. Kurabiye: Cookie
  23. Havuc: Carrot
  24. Kumpir: Jacket potato
  25. Haylaz: Naughty
  26. Girgir: Fun
  27. Cakil: Pebble
  28. Safir: Saphire
  29. Limon: Lemon
  30. Kiraz: Cherry
  31. Topak: Lump
  32. Corap: Sock
  33. Haydut: Bandit
  34. Pence: Claw
  35. Tarcin: Cinnamon
  36. Portakal: Orange
  37. Efes: Ephesus
  38. Mistik: Short for Mustapha
  39. Cuce: Dwarf
  40. Karamel: Caramel
  41. Ciko: Short for chocolate
  42. Sampiyon: Champion
  43. Misket: Marble
  44. Bocek: Bug
  45. Mucver: Hash brown
  46. Gezi: Trip
  47. Tatlim: My sweet
  48. Miskin: Lazy
  49. Golge: Shadow
  50. Sinsi: Sneaky
  1. Pekmez: Molasses
  2. Sapsik: Dingus
  3. Roket: Rocket
  4. Lokum: Turkish delight
  5. Hardal: Mustard
  6. Piyaz: Haricot bean salad
  7. Kopuk: Foam
  8. Pancar: Beet
  9. Bidik: Tubby
  10. Boncuk: Bead
  11. Tekir: Tabby
  12. Yumak: Ball (as in “a ball of yarn”)
  13. Benek: Spot
  14. Aslan: Lion
  15. Cilgin: Crazy
  16. Atom: Atom
  17. Surmeli: One with kohl on its eyes
  18. Kaju: Cashew
  19. Pati: Paw
  20. Kadife: Velvet
  21. Recel: Jam
  22. Papyon: Bow-tie
  23. Susam: Sesame
  24. Kivi: Kiwi
  25. Nohut: Chickpea
  26. Sahlep: A hot beverage made of milk and orchid roots
  27. Gumus: Silver
  28. Boyoz: That’s a kind of pastry specific to the City of Izmir
  29. Visne: Sour cherry
  30. Zipzip: Hopper
  31. Mirnav: Meow
  32. Tirmik: Rake
  33. Ates: Fire
  34. Tosun: Bullock
  35. Gofret: Wafer
  36. Kavun: Melon
  37. Macun: Putty
  38. Karpuz: Water melon
  39. Atilgan: Dashing
  40. Citir: Crisp
  41. Patron: Boss
  42. Irmik: Semolina
  43. Sakiz: Gum
  44. Saskin: Goofy
  45. Kedibor: A mixture of words “kedi” (cat) and “petibor” (petit-beurre biscuit)
  46. Pofuduk: Fluffy
  47. Tontis: Blubber-gut
  48. Hinzir: Wicked
  49. Karaca: Roebuck
  50. Sansli: Lucky
  1. Kraker: Cracker
  2. Kipir: Beany
  3. Lule: Tress
  4. Badem: Almond
  5. Fistik: Pistachio
  6. Seker: Sugar
  7. Mizmiz: Crybaby
  8. Minnak: Itty-bitty
  9. Titrek: Shaky
  10. Cilek: Strawberry
  11. Amiral: Admiral
  12. Azman: Monstrous
  13. Keskul: Milk and almond pudding
  14. Incir: Fig
  15. Cesur: Brave
  16. Gullac: Milky Rose Pudding
  17. Mikser: Mixer
  18. Bonbon: Bonbon
  19. Duman: Smoke
  20. Roka: Roquette
  21. Gece: Night
  22. Patik: Bootee
  23. Sans: Chance
  24. Maydanoz: Parsley
  25. Capul: Plunder
  26. Mirmir: Purr-purr
  27. Pisi: Puss
  28. Bal: Honey
  29. Tombili: Plump
  30. Uzum: Grape
  31. Haydari: a spread made of yogurt seasoned with garlic
  32. Gunes: Sun
  33. Tilki: Fox
  34. Maske: Mask
  35. Pars: Panther
  36. Zipir: Madcap
  37. Capkin: Dangler
  38. Minnos: Little darling
  39. Pamuk: Cotton
  40. Findik: Hazelnut
  41. Cazgir: Vixenly
  42. Viski: Whiskey
  43. Bucur: Shorty
  44. Sarmasik: Ivy
  45. Isirgan: Nettle
  46. Sillik: Hussy
  47. Cita: Cheetah
  48. Atlet: Athlete
  49. Cingoz: Sly
  50. Yaramaz: Naughty
  51. Pudra: Powder
  52. Raki: Famous Turkish strong spirit
  53. Carsi: A football club fan group that is known for their social sensitivity
  54. Kekik: Thyme
  55. Minik: Tiny
  56. Kitir: Crispy
  57. Paspas: Door mat
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