Some cat breeds are definitely ugly according to human standards. But according to ugly cat breeds’ own standards they are surely spectacular.

All species have their own standards when it comes to aesthetics. For example birds of paradise may look stunning to us humans but they are just ugly looking food for snakes or hawks. Likewise, elephants and rhinos are not a good couple although there is no hunter-prey relationship between them. I admit that we have no way of knowing the exact dynamics behind the animal kingdom’s criteria for beauty so we can only say that the ugly cat breeds you are about to see are only ugly according to human standards and even those standards are subjective.

Ugliest Cat Breeds
5 Ugly Cat Breeds That Will Definitely Steal Your Heart 8

Another thing is ugly doesn’t mean unpopular or not cute. Some of the ugly cat breeds you are about to see are very popular breeds and when you start living with one, you realize the unbelievably high level of cuteness they have. They are so adorable that I have seen people changing their minds from “ugly” to “beautiful” in only 10 minutes after interacting with a Sphynx. Well, that’s human brain for you… Our perception can be directed by our feelings very easily.1

1 – Sphynx

Ugly Sphynx
5 Ugly Cat Breeds That Will Definitely Steal Your Heart 9

When someone talks about ugly cat breeds, Sphynx is the first one that comes into mind because it looks weird and alien to most people. It is also one of the parent breeds to some of the ugliest cat breeds in existence.

Most people think that Sphynx is from Egypt due to its name, appearance and misleading information from movies etc. but it actually originates from Canada. The first Sphynx cats were bred in 1960s in Toronto, Ontario. Canadian Cat Association (CCA-AFC) has detailed breed standards for Sphynx. Hairlessness in cats is a naturally occurring genetic mutation but generally this mutation is not carried to the offspring. Since Sphynx is produced through selective breeding this special mutation of theirs is transferred from generation to generation.

However, the most famous hairless cat is not maintenance free. Due to its lack of hair Sphynx needs regular baths in order to get rid off the oil their body produces. They also need clothes for protection against the cold.

2 – Bambino

Ugly Bambino
5 Ugly Cat Breeds That Will Definitely Steal Your Heart 10

Bambino is bred using Sphynx and Munchkin as parents. The result of this mating is a hairless and wrinkled cat with short and stubby legs. Generally Bambinos have odd eye colors which means that one eye is one color and the other is another color. They have long bodies and long tails which look peculiar with the short legs.

These little friends may look ugly but they are very affectionate, friendly, intelligent and playful. They get on well with everybody including other pets and kids. They love to cuddle and sleep on their humans’ laps. Such an affectionate cat can get emotional if left alone for long periods of time so if you are not at home for long hours it is best to have another pet so they can keep company with your Bambino friend.

3 – Ukrainian Levkoy

Ugly Ukrainian Levkoy
5 Ugly Cat Breeds That Will Definitely Steal Your Heart 11

Ukrainian Levkoy is a cross between Donskoy and Scottish Fold. As you may guess, it takes its baldness from Donskoy and its folded ears from Scottish Fold. This half cat-half dog looking breed is not officially recognized outside Ukraine and Russia. They have big eyes, big noses and wrinkled bodies which makes them look weird and give them the right to be in our list of ugly cat breeds.

Ukrainian Levkoy is a very friendly, loyal and curious breed with a high level of intelligence. Since they have lots of energy, don’t like to be alone, are very sociable and good with kids and other pets, they are good additions to families with kids or pets. Like other hairless breeds, they require occasional baths to prevent excess oil build-up on their skins.

4 – Dwelf

Ugly Dwelf
5 Ugly Cat Breeds That Will Definitely Steal Your Heart 12

Dwelf cats are thought to be related to Elf cats by most but in reality they are not related to Elf cats. Dwelf is a mix of Munchkin, American Curl, and Sphinx. Since they have elf-like ears and are dwarf, they are appropriately named by combining the words “dwarf” and “elf”. They look so alien that it would be a shame not to include them in a list of ugly cat breeds.

Dwelf has a dog-like personality due to its affectionate, sociable and playful nature. They are intelligent, friendly and active cats that are good with children and other pets so families with children who have time to devote to the kitty would love to live with them. Dwelf doesn’t like to be left alone and demands company so if you are living alone and leave the house for long hours, it is better to choose another breed.

5 – LaPerm

Ugly LaPerm
5 Ugly Cat Breeds That Will Definitely Steal Your Heart 13

Cats can also have curly hairs and LaPerm is one of the curly haired cat breeds. The term for curly haired cat breeds is “Rex” so when you see a cat breed with “Rex” in its name you can be sure that the breed has curly hair. However, LaPerm is named after 80s popular hair style “perm”.

LaPerm is curious and love to sit on high places to oversee everything in the room. It is a very affectionate cat that wants to be involved in everything its humans do. If you don’t give it the attention it wants, it may even tap you on the face so behave in order to avoid the punishment. Other than that they are very sociable and love interacting with humans.

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