If you got a cat this winter and saved it from the cruel cold out there, congratulations! Now it is time to research some winter cat names for your new friend.

It is time for some cool winter cat names. Winter might sound and feel romantic for a lot of people and it is but for many others it is a time of need. Just like the homeless people out there, cats and kittens are suffering from cold. You may not be able to provide a place to stay for homeless people but you can at least adopt a kitten and save it from the cold.

Winter Names For Cats
260 Cool Winter Cat Names 6

To make finding the perfect name for your little friend a little easier, I divided the names into three categories:

  • Female Winter Cat Names
  • Male Winter Cat Names
  • Gender-Neutral Winter Cat Names

If you can’t find the name you are looking for in the gender specific categories, I am confident that you will find it in gender-neutral winter cat names. Also, you may be looking for a new years cat name. If so, don’t worry, we have a lot of them here.

Before you begin reading the list, you may want to have something to note the names you like because there will be more than one name you will like. Noting them and checking all the names you like after you are finished with the list gives you the opportunity to see all of them in one place and pick a favorite.

Also if more than one person will decide the name, comparing your notes to see if there is any of the same name in all lists can help picking a name everybody likes.

Without further ado, the list of winter cat names!

Female Winter Cat Names

Winter Kitten Names
260 Cool Winter Cat Names 7

The first item of winter inspired names for cats is female cat names. The list includes names from many languages, mythological characters and Christmas related names, etc. The theme might be cold but a cat with one of these names will surely be a loving one.

  1. Alba
  2. Demi
  3. Crystal
  4. Elsa
  5. Gwenyth
  6. Carol
  7. Apricity
  8. Nieve
  9. Cherith
  10. Lily
  11. Xuĕ
  12. Flykra
  13. Neus
  14. Icylyn
  15. Kheimon
  16. Eirlys
  17. Haunani
  18. Guinevere
  19. Viola
  20. Paloma
  21. Rosemary
  22. Bella
  23. Gwyneira
  24. Aster
  25. Daphne
  26. Estelle
  27. Neve
  28. Mary
  29. Haukea
  30. Miyuki
  31. Rin
  32. Ivy
  33. Janara
  34. Eira
  35. Morana
  1. Pyry
  2. Clementine
  3. Merry
  4. Clara
  5. Angel
  6. Lucia
  7. Candy Cane
  8. Natalie
  9. Yukina
  10. Eve
  11. Ember
  12. Nevis
  13. Christina
  14. Holly
  15. Noelle
  16. Skadi
  17. Blanche
  18. Bethany
  19. Stella
  20. Natalia
  21. Delwyn
  22. Hellebore
  23. Demetria
  24. Olwen
  25. Natasha
  26. Gwyn
  27. Epiphany
  28. Edurne
  29. Anna
  30. Blanca
  31. Tengliu
  32. Shira
  33. Kuraokami
  34. Nivia
  35. Bianca

Male Winter Cat Names

Winter Inspired Cat Names
260 Cool Winter Cat Names 8

Just like female winter cat names, this list also includes winter names for cats from many languages and cultures all around the world. But it also includes popular characters from animations, cartoons, mythological characters, snow cat names, etc. If you like the sound of a specific name, just search it on the internet. You may like it even more.

  1. Rudolph
  2. Heikki Lunta
  3. Garland
  4. Jasper
  5. Noel
  6. Fezziwig
  7. Bylur
  8. Ned Stark
  9. Boreas
  10. Jay
  11. Alpine
  12. Ded Moroz
  13. Lixue
  14. Lokul Frosti
  15. Edur
  16. Frost
  17. Scrooge
  18. Eirwen
  19. Nas
  20. Ebenezer
  21. Slick
  22. Hemant
  23. Santa
  24. Aubin
  25. Poli’ahu
  26. Branch
  27. Morozoko
  28. Claus
  29. Olaf
  30. Khuno
  31. Kar
  32. Eryi
  33. Zane
  34. Jökull
  35. Gabby
  1. Santos
  2. Snoopy
  3. Boris
  4. Fox
  5. Ginger
  6. Christian
  7. Robin
  8. Froid
  9. Blanc
  10. Quilo
  11. Joseph
  12. Tushar
  13. Ullr
  14. Yukio
  15. Cole
  16. Sid
  17. Balthazar
  18. Izotz
  19. Gabriel
  20. Frediano
  21. Jack Frost
  22. Scrat
  23. Whittaker
  24. Buddy
  25. Snowman
  26. Clark
  27. Glover
  28. Bodhi
  29. Tuhin
  30. Albus
  31. Douglas
  32. Dong
  33. Warrin
  34. Nicholas
  35. Skellington

Gender-Neutral Winter Cat Names

Winter Themed Cat Names
260 Cool Winter Cat Names 9

Some of the most amazing winter names for cats are here. No matter what the gender or character of your cat is, there is a name in this list that will match it perfectly. If you were unable to find the name you like best until now, you can be sure that it is among the names below.

  1. Iceberg
  2. Fuyu
  3. Crimson
  4. Sleigh
  5. Icicle
  6. Yeti
  7. Fjolla
  8. Eggnog
  9. Vail
  10. Elf
  11. Snowy
  12. Cloudy
  13. Frosty
  14. Sleet
  15. Antler
  16. Avalanche
  17. Mittens
  18. December
  19. Soup
  20. Nutmeg
  21. Bear
  22. Narnia
  23. Isbert
  24. Snow
  25. Aspen
  26. Snowflake
  27. Cortina
  28. Hail
  29. Puck
  30. Zamboni
  31. Neiger
  32. Nutcracker
  33. Alaska
  34. Sparkle
  35. Chilly
  36. Polar
  37. Yuki
  38. Neva
  39. Whit
  40. Hockey
  1. Colden
  2. Flurry
  3. Spruce
  4. Ice
  5. Igloo
  6. Cypress
  7. Lasta
  8. Cranberry
  9. Fionn
  10. Blizzard
  11. Isa
  12. Drift
  13. Solstice
  14. Garnet
  15. Glitter
  16. Nevada
  17. Caecius
  18. Glacier
  19. Blaze
  20. Pine
  21. Stocking
  22. Festive
  23. Chill
  24. Sneg
  25. Crispin
  26. Juniper
  27. Balsam
  28. Snowshoe
  29. Husky
  30. Sētō
  31. Icelynn
  32. North
  33. Icy
  34. Storm
  35. January
  36. Cuddly
  37. Himesh
  38. Jāḍō
  39. Marshmallow
  40. Pothole
  1. Frost
  2. Winterberry
  3. Vetle
  4. Arctic
  5. Lumi
  6. Zima
  7. Pudding
  8. Penguin
  9. Parka
  10. Winter
  11. Sugarplum
  12. Fannar
  13. Mistletoe
  14. Snieg
  15. Winoc
  16. Flake
  17. Stormy
  18. Everest
  19. Dove
  20. Andri
  21. Yule
  22. Darke
  23. Urmas
  24. Luge
  25. Chestnut
  26. Beanie
  27. Fingal
  28. Wren
  29. Sparrow
  30. Boots
  31. Laurel
  32. Peppermint
  33. Frostine
  34. Chan
  35. Cocoa
  36. Toboggan
  37. Conven
  38. Wyn
  39. Moose
  40. Snowball
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    The author starts by thanking the recipient for providing a list of names. They then reveal that they have already chosen two of the names from the list, one from another list, and part of one from yet another list. The author goes on to describe the kittens, which were born on March 15th during a very cold winter. There are four kittens, three of which are white with dark gray points and the fourth is gray with white points, resembling a black and white tuxedo cat but gray. The author then reveals the names of the kittens: Snow, Storm, Little Flurry, and Happy Mouse.

    The author describes the kittens in more detail, starting with Snow and Storm, who are longhair twins that shared the same birth sack and were the first born. The author considered naming them Cain and Abel because they fight for the favorite nipple at nursing time. Little Flurry, the runt of the litter, has white mittens instead of gray like Snow and Storm, shorter hair, and is the most curious and outgoing of the litter. Happy Mouse is a shorthair and very sweet, earning his name because of his coloring and because he started purring at just five days old while nursing. The author concludes by saying that they were present for the entire birthing process and hopes to be there for the kittens when it’s their time to leave.

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