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All About York Chocolate Cat Breed

All you need to know about York Chocolate cat breed. This graceful and friendly cat is a New Yorker! Maybe not a Frank Sinatra but definitely cuter!

Activity Level80
Affection Towards Owners90
Need for Attention80
Need for Grooming10
Health and Hardiness85
Friendship with Other Animals100
Friendship with Children100
Social Needs85

Although a relatively new breed, the York Chocolate cats got recognized and gained popularity as show cats. However, this popularity shall not fool you because it is a rare breed. Having been created in 1983 in a farm in New York by Janet Chiefari, this breed was first recognized as an “experimental breed” by Cat Fanciers’ Federation (CFF) and American Cat Fanciers Association (ACFA) as early as 1990.

York Chocolates get their name from their home state New York and their characteristic color. Although they are treated and seen as household cats, their original ancestors were actually farm cats named Blacky and Smokey. Having been given championship status both by CFF (1992) and Canadian Cat Association (CCA) (1995), this breed started to be seen all around the world.


York Chocolates are even-tempered cats who are curios, intelligent and friendly. They are energetic but thanks to their friendly nature they love taking the role of a lap cat and take long naps on your lap. They just love to be held and cuddled and sometimes ask for it. Although rare, they can get shy but generally they don’t give up on a warm lap or a nice hug.

York Chocolate just crave for attention and would meet its human at the door when they get home and start purring and communicating with them as soon as possible. They are also great with kids and other animals. They are playful cats and love to spend time playing with the family or other pets at home. So it would be wise to spend some time with your York Chocolate everyday. Their strong hunting instincts make moving toys or interactive plays with others ideal in order to get rid of the excess energy they have.

Having farm cats as ancestors, they are also good hunters and are fascinated with water.

York Chocolate Breed
All About York Chocolate Cat Breed 3

Physical Features

They are medium to large cats with firm muscles and a solid bone structure. York Chocolate is an athletic breed and Males are bigger and heavier than the females.

The York Chocolate cats have beautiful, almond shaped eyes with golden, hazel or green colors.


It might be chocolate brown, lavender or a combination of these two colors. Their fur is semi-long, soft and light that is resistant to matting. The fur on their chest, neck, and upper legs are thicker. Their tails are puffed and full.

The fur will be lighter in color during kittenhood but as the it grows into adulthood the fur color turns into a rich chocolate brown.

York Chocolate Cat
York Chocolate Cat


They may live as much as 15 years. York Chocolates have no known genetic disorders or proneness to health issues.


This breed does not need any special care when it comes to grooming. Just a regular grooming once or twice a week is sufficient.


When groomed regularly and shedding kept to a specific area such as a cat bed accompanied by proper nutrition the shedding is manageable. Under normal circumstances one might even categorize the shedding of York Chocolate breed as moderate.


These cats are clever and can be trained. Their easy-going nature along with their loyalty and affection towards their owners make it easier to train them. It is especially important as some of the York Chocolates are known to be vocal with excessive crying or meowing at night.

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Have a purrderful day!

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