Wise Kitten

126 Cat Names With Mr

You have new cat or you are thinking of getting one and you need a name. Are there any better names than cat names with Mr for male kitties? We don't think so.

5 Domestic Cat Breeds That Look Wild

Ever wanted to live with a cheetah or a tiger? Well, it is not ethic or possible but the domestic cat breeds that look wild may hold the answer for you.

5 Cat Breeds That Act Like Dogs

Did you know that cat breeds that act like dogs have more than one special term that defines them? They are called "puppy cats" or "dog-like cats".

Aggressive Cat Breeds

Top 10 Most Aggressive Cat Breeds

All cats are cute but some breeds are a little more on the dark side. But don't be mistaken, aggressive cat breeds are still affectionate and amazing felines.

5 Best Cat Breeds For Kids

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